Hopuboku is a digital wedding invitation supplier which comes to makes the groom and the bride spread the information about their wedding easier, effectif, and efficient.
It started after seeing the disposable wedding invitation paper, complicated to manage and a little bit expensive from our married friends, Hopuboku want to give a solution about this issues with make digital wedding invitation.
Hopuboku always take the motto #MenikahMudah because we know there is many thing to manage on wedding preparation.

Especially for the wedding invitation you can calmly trust it to us.

why Choose Hopuboku?

Do Important Things

Hopuboku is a creative wedding invitation agency that specializes in practicality, creativity, design, modern and innovative technology.

Continuous Support

We are dedicated 24/7 to provide support about any possible queries and assistance that containt creativity.

Quality Analysis

Give best services and products with the highest quality. We will serve you to the maximum

Digital Invitation

Utilize contemporary technology with fresh concept for your wedding invitation. Simple and elegant but also can save your time, environmentally friendly and cost less.


Hopuboku also provides you with some of the best methods and strategies needed to increase your visibility and convenience in using our services.

About Us

Hopuboku consist of 3 college friends, not a profesional but we try our best to solve your wedding invitation problem by providing our product as your solution. Simply but elegant with stunning design and various colours combination, your wedding invitation will look modern and luxurious.

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